Wellington – Parliament, Politicians and (Te) Papa!

Year 9 students took part in an exciting day trip to the Capital this week. First up was a visit to the Beehive, New Zealand’s parliament buildings. With the 52nd general elections looming, this was perfect timing to learn more about our country’s electoral system and a chance to visit the House of Representatives – where Ministers of Parliament (MPs) and Select Committees meet to debate and vote on matters of national importance. The MPs weren’t sitting at the time of our visit as they were campaigning for their Party in their own electorates.

This was followed by a fascinating guided tour exploring Te Papa Museum with its rare exhibitions and collections. Students were in awe of the stories behind many pieces from New Zealand’s history.

Deputy Principal, Ms Melanie Kindley, travelled with the group, “Our trip to Wellington afforded students with many exciting and rewarding new experiences. Te Papa’s giant squid and ‘Gallipoli – The Scale of Our War’ exhibitions were stand out highlights of the day, in addition to the authentic learning surrounding ‘Elections’ at Beehive.”
For many of the group this was not only the first time on a flight but also the first time to Wellington.